Placing People into Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales/Sales Management/Marketing Positions:

Since 1985, Steve Paster (PASTER & ASSOCIATES) has placed over 3,000 people just like you into medical and pharmaceutical sales and sales management positions nationwide.

   - In 2015, Steve placed 90 candidates
   - In 2014, Steve placed 82 candidates
   - In 2013, Steve placed 87 candidates
   - In 2012, Steve placed 87 candidates
   - In 2011, Steve placed 86 candidates
   - In 2010, Steve placed 89 candidates  
   - In 2009, Steve placed 88 candidates
   - In 2008, Steve placed 101 candidates
   - In 2007, Steve placed 110 candidates
   - In 2006, Steve placed 113 candidates
   - In 2005, Steve placed 119 candidates

No other single medical/pharm recruiter in the U.S. has made more placements in the last eleven years.

In 2015 and 2016, Steve is playing a major role in several company's expansions:
1. PACIRA (Exparel for pain management)
2. ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS (6th largest biotech co specializing in ultra rare life
    threatening diseases)
3. RAPID PATHOGEN SCREENING (Diagnostic tests for Dry Eye and Pink Eye)
4. BONE SUPPORT (Resorbable bone void filler that grows bone in 6-12 months)
5. INJURED WORKER'S PHARMACY (prescriptions for injured clients and patients of
    attorneys and orthopedic surgeons)
6. DIOPSYS (Tests for Amblyopia and Glaucoma)
7. KEYSTONE DENTAL (Dental implants)
8. VOLCANO-PHILLIPS (IVUS to Interventional Radiologists)
9. MALLINCKRODT PHARMACEUTICALS (Injectable for nephrology patients)

Steve placed 64 reps at Verathon Medical in the last seven years; played a major role in Guerbet's new MRI agent product launch/expansion; placed almost all of Orthovita's 120 person sales team, the number one bone regeneration product for spine and orthopedic cases, before Stryker purchased them; the entire sales team at Unimed (now Solvay); the first 25 reps on the West Coast at Takeda and a major role in several of Gilead's rollouts, the third largest biotech company in the world.

These companies, and many others, work with us because of our proven record in delivering you – the absolute best sales talent!

Harrison Tao, Internal Recruiter for ALEXION, wrote in December 2015:
"I appreciate that you work with urgency and results!"

Thomas Urso, Regional Sales Manager for Verathon, wrote in December 2015:
"I stand firm that you are the best in the business. you are awesome. I like working directly with you."

Brian Kim wrote in June 2015:
"I am in the final stages of interviewing and I want to thank you for the guidance you provided me and probably countless other individuals who are trying to improve their lives. Your articles and suggestions have been invaluable and without your tips on how to create the perfect 30/60/90 day strategy, to nailing the perfect face to face interviews, I would not be in my position today. I will forward all prospects to you from here on out as a small token of my appreciation."

Dr. Michelle Glover wrote in June 2015:
"I just want to take a moment to thank you for all your help in this interview process at ALEXION. You have been wonderful and supportive. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know."

Michael Barba wrote in April 2015:
"I wanted to let you know that I passed my background check with PACIRA and am in the process of transitioning. Thanks again for all your support and for the excellent professional you are in this industry.
I just recommended a former colleague and close friend to you. I appreciate all you do Steve. You are awesome!"

Bryant Nelson wrote in 2013:
"I want to thank you for all the help you provided me during my job search. I have been dealing with recruiters in this business for years, and have never received such individual attention. You provided updates and return calls promptly, something I was not used to from past experiences. Please keep me on your contact list as I would happily recommend you to any qualified friends looking for a recruiter. I am very excited about the job you helped me secure at Dendreon! Please stay in touch. Thanks again."

Lindsey Mischka wrote in 2013:
"I can not thank you enough for recruiting me and helping me through the interview process with Verathon Medical. The coaching and insight you provided me with was invaluable. I am extremely grateful for this new career endeavor; It is definitely the best opportunity I could have asked for. Joining Verathon is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can not wait to get started!"

Allison Schmidt wrote in 2012:
"Thank you you for all of your due diligence through the process in getting hired by Bayer-Medrad. I had an exceptional experience with you, from getting prepped, to assisting with my business plan, and being able to consult with another sales rep. Your follow through and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed. Thank you for handling my situation with grace. I would not hesitate to share with others your contact information so they may have a rewarding experience."

Steve Manos wrote in 2012:
"Thank you for all your efforts in helping me land my new sales position with Keystone Dental. You were instrumental with advice on tweaking my resume and insights about the people with whom I would interview. Your attention to detail, encouragement, and coaching were instrumental in this process. Your communication and organization enabled me to enter these interviews with confidence. I have already recommended you to several colleagues who are interested in making a change and will continue to do so."

"Although I am certain you have hundreds of testimonial letters like this one, please feel free to post it on your web site. Also, please accept this Minnesota Vikings foam finger as a gesture of gratitude for your diligence and professionalism. YOU are #1!"

Jeff Horomanski, National Sales Manager for Guerbet, wrote:
"Steve, you really get our business and continue to send us excellent candidates once again!"

Brad Peacock, Area Business Manager at Gilead, wrote:
"Steve, There is a reason why I don't push to open up our doors and use other recruiters, even if it would mean that we get a greater sample size of candidates. I truly respect the seriousness and long term perspective you take to your business. Unlike other recruiters I have worked with in the past, you in my humble opinion, are concerned more about your long term reputation than the immediate commission."

Top 5 reasons why YOU should work with Paster and Associates:
1. We get you hired fast!
2. National Placement Capabilities (we can place you in any city)
3. Industry leading hiring contacts to get you hired
4. Interviewing and resume assistance
5. Nationwide network of “friendly” recruiters

Bottom line: people work with us because we deliver results. We know WHY people get hired and WHY people do not get hired.

Paster & Associates Resume of Accomplishments:
2015 - #1 out of 330 recruiters and the #1 office in the country (including firms with multiple recruiters)
2014 - #1
out of 330 recruiters and the #1 office in the country (including firms with multiple recruiters)
2013 - #1
out of 330 recruiters and the #1 office in the country (including firms with multiple recruiters)
2012 - #1
out of 300 recruiters and the #1 office in the country (including firms with multiple recruiters)
2011 - #1 out of 350 recruiters and the #1 office in the country (including firms with multiple recruiters)
2010 - #1 out of 350 recruiters and the #1 office in the country (including firms with multiple recruiters)
2009 - #1 out of 350 recruiters and #1 office in the country (including search firms with multiple recruiters)
2008 - #1 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (world's largest Recruiter Network)
2007 - #1 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (World's largest Recruiter Network)
2006 - #2 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (World's largest Recruiter Network)
2005 - #1 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (World's largest Recruiter Network)
2004 - #2 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (World's largest Recruiter Network)
2003 - #2 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (World's largest Recruiter Network)
2002 - #1 out of 350 recruiters - First Interview (World's largest Recruiter Network)

He has ranked #1 nine years in a row and 11 times in the last 14 years - and he has worked strictly by himself with his amazing First Interview Network.

He has ranked #1 or #2 all eighteen years with First Interview.

Work with us for FREE:
We are primarily a contingency recruiting company, which means it does not cost you a penny to work with us. When you get hired, your new employer pays our fee! However, we will do retainers for a lesser fee.

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Steve Paster
President, Paster & Associates

Steve Paster was born in Norwich, Connecticut. He received his B.A. Degree in English from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, where he was also sports editor of the school newspaper.

Steve started in sales at the age of 16, as a door-to-door Fuller Brush salesman. He later owned a product center, recruiting and training other sales reps. After college, he spent seven years as an advertising sales rep for Universal Match, where he won numerous president's club awards, and three award winning years at Matthew Bender, selling law/tax books to attorneys, accountants, and major corporations.

In 1985, Steve joined Sales Consultants in Encino (Division of Management Recruiters, the world's largest executive search firm). In his second year, he was #1 on the pharmaceutical/medical sales desk out of 440 offices, and had established a new worldwide company record for total amount of dollar volume cash-in on the medical desk in one year.

After 2-1/2 years, Steve decided to open up his own office, where he has since made a major impact in placing numerous sales, sales management and marketing executives into medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

  He has ranked #1 or #2 all nineteen years with First Interview. First Interview is the largest network of recruiters in the world. The 330 member network allows members to place candidates anywhere they need to be.

Steve is an avid sports fan, attending numerous New York Yankees, Minnesota Vikings, and LSU games annually. Being from Connecticut, he is also a passionate
UCONN Huskies basketball fan.

Steve's Minnesota Vikings Video

Steve lives in New Orleans with his five kids and six grandchildren.